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Advanced EMT Sanctioning Policy/Procedure

Revised and Approved: December 8, 2022
Operational Medical Directors Committee
Effective January 1, 2023

TITLE: TEMS Advanced EMT Written Examination Guidelines **This does not apply to Intermediate or Paramedic providers**
          PURPOSE: To establish a specific policy for the written test process.
          SCOPE: Advanced EMT personnel posessing certification as an Advanced EMT must complete the following exam to practice as such in the Tidewater EMS (TEMS) region.

1) This exam is comprised of 50 randomly generated questions from a question bank of over 150 questions and can be completed at any time after possessing the certification, but prior to practicing as a released provider.

2) Written examination test questions are developed by the Education and Training Committee and approved by the Operations Medical Directors. All questions are related to the latest edition of the TEMS Regional Medical Protocols.

2) The training staff of the personnels' agency must proctor all written examinations in person.

3) If a candidate cannot make his scheduled exam time, it is important to contact the agency's training staff to reschedule.

4) Once the written exam has begun, no student will be allowed to leave and return. If a candidate leaves during the exam, the exam shall be submitted as complete.

5) The candidate may set up their profile in advance of taking the exam by clicking

  • ◉  First time users, click the “Create new account” button.
  • ◉  Once logged in, the above link connects to the screen of the Sanctioning Exam, click "Enroll Me".
  • ◉  Return users, log in using the previously made credentials.

6) When ready to take the test, access the link above; click on the exam and the proctor enters the password provided by TEMS.

7) A minimum score of 80% must be attained on the written exam to be considered as passing. Written results are valid for 12 months.

8) Three attempts are allowed.

  • ◉  Candidates who fail the written test must wait 14 calendar days prior to retesting.
  • ◉  Candidates who fail the second attempt should consider asking for help from the training staff prior to retesting. A minimum of 14 days must lapse before testing the third time.
  • ◉  Candidates who fail the third time must confer with the agency OMD and undergo remediation prior to restarting the testing cycle. Proof of the formal remediation is required to restart the testing cycle. Formal remediation is defined as “the CE requirements for the certification level of the individual” and to be determined by the agency and their OMD. For example, if the individual is a paramedic, the candidate would take a paramedic refresher program of 48 hours.

9) Under no circumstances will copies of test questions be provided to instructors or students. If a student has a problem with a question, they should flag the question during the exam or speak to the training staff proctor after the exam is complete and submitted. The Education and Training Committee and TEMS staff will review frequently missed questions for accuracy. The final arbitrator for test questions is the Operational Medical Directors Committee.

10) The agency’s OMD must continue to approve the individual’s practice at the level consistent with current state certification.

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