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Do you ever have a question about something related to EMS, and you’re not sure who to ask? Let’s see if we can clear that up. Generally, licensure and regulatory questions should be directed to the Virginia Office of EMS (OEMS). The regional EMS council is charged with the coordination and planning of a regional EMS system and can help with technical assistance, protocols, drug box and local training questions. Still confused? Use the chart below as a starting point. Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list, but a guide to help you be efficient. 

My question or issue:
oems vdhtems Tidewater EMS Council
I can’t get into my provider portalCall (800) 523-6019or http://goo.gl/5SPLqK 
I don’t know how to use my portalCall (800) 523-6019or http://goo.gl/5SPLqK 
I’m looking for an EMT classhttps://goo.gl/sZtTqH757-963-0632
I have a question about testing 757-963-0632
My certification expired…http://goo.gl/ZWG7oX757-963-0632
How to join an EMS agency 757-963-0632
I need a new certification cardCall (800) 523-6019 
Agency needs fingerprint cards 757-963-0632
I’m looking for CE classes   757-963-0632Or http://goo.gl/eYPaX2
Protocol questions 757-963-0632Or http://goo.gl/GOx8Ji
Medication Box questions 757-963-0632Or http://goo.gl/oOQabu
Agency inspection or regulations questionshttp://goo.gl/DvwWvAor call (800) 523-6019 
I have a question about RSAF grantshttp://goo.gl/iscwu4or call (800) 523-6019757-963-0632
Mass casualty exercises and moulage 757-963-0632
Need the CISM team 757-414-CISM(757-414-2476)
Need help with electronic EMS recordhttp://oemssupport.kayako.com  

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TEMS is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.

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