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Tidewater Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc.

Board of Directors

The directors of the Tidewater EMS Council, Inc. are nominated by the various jurisdictions and organizations represented on the Council, and elected by the board.

Persons who are engaged in the delivery of emergency medical services as well as residents of the region who have no professional or financial interest in emergency care are eligible for board membership in accordance with the Council's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Duties of a board member include:

  1. Serve as a representative of the public, in the public interest, for the entire region served by the Council.
  2. Establish policies and direct the affairs of the Corporation, each director being entitled to one vote.
  3. Elect the directors and officers of the board as provided in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
  4. Establish and review, from time to time, goals and objectives necessary to further the purpose of the Council.
  5. Sponsor such committees as necessary to carry out the objectives of the Council.
  6. Arrange for the raising of funds to support the program of the Council and control the disbursement of these funds.
  7. Employ and authorize the employment of such qualified persons as may be necessary to carry out the objectives of the Council.
  8. Enter into such agreements with government or private agencies which will further and be consistent with the objectives of the Council.
  9. Meet as a body at least quarterly for the purpose of conducting the business of the Corporation. Board members are expected to attend at least half of all regularly scheduled board meetings during a term, and members who miss more than two meetings in a row will be subject to review by the Executive Committee.
  10. Allow the president and duly authorized officials of the Council to publicly represent Council positions on issues, and authorize those officials as appropriate. Board members shall individually refrain from representing Council positions unless so authorized.

Conflicts of Interest and Financial Disclosure:  Directors are required to comply with provisions of the Virginia State and Local Government Conflicts of Interest Act (§ 2.2-3100) with the exception of annual disclosure reporting to the Secretary of the Commonwealth. In case of a conflict of interest or need for a financial disclosure during the course of activities as a Director, such conflict or disclosure will be made known to the Board of Directors at the time that a conflict or need for financial disclosure is identified by a Director.

Revised 7/27/2006

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