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The new Tidewater strategic regional EMS plan represents the "big picture" and helps guide the Board of Directors, committees and staff into areas which need improvement or require new council involvement over a multi-year period. The plan was adopted by the Board of Directors on March 19, 2015 following a period of public and EMS community review and input, plus recommendations by the Board's Governance Committee. The EMS community and others are encouraged to download and read the new plan TEMS Strategic Plan 2015-2018 Rev 3-19-2015.
The regional EMS plan includes revisions to the Tidewater EMS Council's Mission and Vision statement as well as numerous additions and deletions from the previous 2011-2014 plan. The plan is short and to the point, but does not attempt to address day-to-day activities but instead looks at long term initiatives.  Here is the body of the plan as well as the revised Mission and Vision for EMS in Tidewater Virginia.

EMS Vision

Timely response with skillful, quality treatment for our patients.

Council’s Mission

Reduce death and disability by facilitating regional cooperation, planning and implementation of an integrated emergency medical services delivery system.

Core Strategies and Key Initiatives

Core Strategy 1.                 Strengthen Partnerships

1.1.   With hospitals facilitate maintenance of standards for supplies and pharmaceuticals that decrease variation and expense yet allow agencies to comply with safety guidelines.

1.2.   With public health agencies develop and promote more EMS involvement in injury and illness prevention strategies (education and training for high risk families and coworkers; immunizations; elder fall avoidance, play ground area evaluation and reporting, etc.)

1.3.   Improve and leverage existing opportunities to identify emerging trends and foster innovation in EMS patient care, and seek region-wide efficiencies and consistency when implementing system changes.

1.4.   Promote standardization of EMS terms and nomenclature throughout the region.

Core Strategy 2.                 Strengthen Infrastructure

2.1.   Promote the standardization of data collection, transmission, and sharing information that complements efforts to improve clinical data collection and analysis (see Strategic Initiative 4.1.).

2.2.   Support opportunities for improved preparedness for mass casualties.

Core Strategy 3.                 Strengthen Education and Training

3.1.   Promote the concept of regionalized training opportunities, including simulation training and assessment of the need for a regional EMS training academy, that leverage the efforts of TCC, other training centers, individual agencies, EVMS and the council.

3.2.   Support development as needed of additional accredited advanced life support training sites.

3.3.   Seek to improve efficiencies, standardization, and improvement in student evaluation and student performance at examination sites.

Core Strategy 4.                 Strengthen Medical Direction; Utilize Outcome Data, Research and Performance Improvement to Improve Patient Care

4.1.   Promote the use of standardized data collection and analysis, and identify necessary data points related to improvements in EMS care.

4.2.   Work with the Virginia Office of EMS to facilitate regional performance improvement using available EMS patient care data.

4.3.   Provide opportunities for improvements to, and standardization of, protocols and medications throughout the region and with the neighboring EMS councils, and consistent with nationally-recommended evidence-based EMS treatment guidelines.

4.4.   Sponsor EMS research, out-of-region educational opportunities and mobile integrated healthcare initiatives that contribute to high quality, efficient EMS operations and improved patient outcomes.

Core Strategy 5.                 Strengthen Staffing and Human Resources

5.1.   Assist agencies in the development, identification and utilization of available management and leadership training opportunities.

5.2.   Promote, support and/or facilitate EMS recruitment programs which includes establishing a variety of community partnerships.

5.3.   Promote, support and/or facilitate EMS provider retention programs recognizing the differences between career and volunteer personnel as well as the effects of high call volume.

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