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Governor McAuliffe's FY 2015 Savings Plan, Pursuant to Item 471.10 of HB 5010 was released to the public on October 15. The Virginia Department of Health's budget reduction includes the following language within the Governor's Plan:
Capture balance from the Emergency Medical Services Fund. This strategy transfers balances in the Special Emergency Medical Services Fund to the General Fund. The loss of this revenue is not expected to have a direct impact on agency services or operations. This amount is $4,000,000.
The $4,000,000 capture of EMS funds identified in Governor McAuliffe's FY 2015 Savings Plan does not impact the $4.25 that currently supports EMS services and operations in Virginia.
The 2010 session of the Virginia General Assembly adopted a Budget Amendment that increased the special appropriation to fund EMS from the $4.25 annual surcharge on vehicle registration fees to $6.25. However, the additional $2.00 increase in new funding was earmarked by the Governor with $10,518,587 transferred to the General Fund and $2,052,723 transferred to the Virginia State Police to support the cost of their MedFlight operations. Over the past several years the revenue collected by the additional $2.00 increase has exceeded the fixed transfer amounts identified in the state Budget Bill.
The EMS earmarks ($4.25) are still in place as follows:
$ .25 support for certification and recertification training for EMS personnel

$4.00 portion is distributed as follows:
2% - Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS) to be used solely for the purpose of conducting volunteer recruitment, retention, and training activities

30% - State Department of Health to support
(i) emergency medical services training programs (excluding advanced life support classes); (ii) advanced life support training; (iii) recruitment and retention programs (all funds for such support shall be used to recruit and retain volunteer emergency medical services personnel only, including public awareness campaigns, technical assistance programs, and similar activities); (iv) emergency medical services system development, initiatives, and priorities based on needs identified by the State Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board; (v) local, regional, and statewide performance contracts for emergency medical services to meet the objectives stipulated in § 32.1-111.3; (vi) technology and radio communication enhancements; and (vii) improved emergency preparedness and response.

10% - State Department of Health for OEMS operations

26% - Return to Locality in which vehicle was registered, to provide funding for training of volunteer or salaried emergency medical service personnel of licensed, nonprofit emergency medical services agencies and for the purchase of necessary equipment and supplies for use in such locality for licensed, nonprofit emergency medical and rescue services.

32% - Rescue Squad Assistance Fund (RSAF) Grant Program

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