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Tidewater EMS Council, Inc.

Tidewater Center for Life Support Training Advisory Board

The Tidewater Center for Life Support (TCLS) Training Advisory Board serves to guide and support the educational programs provided by TCLS Training, and serves as a liaison between the TEMS board, the Eastern Virginia Medical School, the affiliated training sites and program staff.
Job Description:
1.Review, recommend and authorize all programs of instruction offered by the Center.
2.Ensure that all authorized programs are planned, coordinated, and conducted in accordance with prescribed criteria and established standards (AHA, ACS, etc.).
3.Review and evaluate program effectiveness and recommend revisions as deemed appropriate.
4.Provide technical and professional advice for operating the Center.
5.Determine fees to be assessed for various programs of instruction.
6.Provide recommendations for the development of an annual operating budget.
7.Participate in the recruitment, selection, and approval of the employment of the Center Director.
8.Provide policy guidance to the Center Director to assure continuity and consistency of effort.
9.Provide recommendations for operational policies and procedures.
10.Review and approve provide recommendations concerning agreements with related agencies.

•Chairman, Department of Surgery, EVMS or designee
•Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, EVMS or designee
•President, Tidewater EMS Council, Inc. or designee
•Vice President, Administration and Finance, MCHR or designee
•Dean, EVMS or designee
•Medical Director, ACLS courses
•Medical Director, PALS courses
•Medical Director, ATLS courses
•AHA Community Training Center Committee Chair
•Center Director (non-voting)
Other individuals may participate in advisory board deliberations without a vote.

The Chairs of the EVMS Departments of Surgery and Emergency Medicine serve as Advisory Board chairs on a biannual rotating basis.

The Center Director or designee serves as secretary.

Meetings: The Advisory Board meets at least annually at a time and place determined by the chair or more often at the discretion of the chair or upon request of one-quarter of its voting members.

Adopted, Board of Directors, April 29, 2004

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